Đèn Led Kích Thích Tăng Trưởng Cho Thực Vật 300w 54 Led

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Giới thiệu Đèn Led Kích Thích Tăng Trưởng Cho Thực Vật 300w 54 Led

High Cost-Effictive High Efficiency:
Feature afford price with energy-saving. Save 90% energy compared with HPS/HID. Beat HPS/HID and traditional LED Light.Covers a full 2' x 2', easily replace a HPS or HID while consuming 100 watts of actual power

New Upgraded Epistar LED chips:
less heat release than other general grow light led's 1/3, High Par Value and High Lumen, Minimum Heat, Maximum Growth(photosynthetically active radiation)ensured high light absorption of plants to maximize the plant growth and harvest. Higher lumen and long lifespan ensured

Best VEG-BLOOM Full Spectrum:
Special ratios of Blue/Red/White Spectrum which based on 10 years of research and testing can be fully absorbed by the plant to photosynthesis, Best for fast growth and high yield and make sure a high THC in harvest

Won't Burn Plants:
Keeping heat off plants is essential. By using self-cooling aluminum and a unique heat sink design to maximize heat dissipation area, the LED maintains a cooler temperature even after 24 hours of continuous use
1) Seeding / Breeding/ Veg/ Flower/For all planting stages / Green Vegs / Flower Plant / Fruit Plant / Herbs / Medical / Meat Plant etc
2) Hydroponics / Horticulture / Indoor plants / Greenhouse Lighting / Pot Culture / Farm / Water Soluble Breeding / Pipeline Cultivation etc
3) Exhibition / House Garden / Bonsai / Home / Commercial Crops / Project / Personal Growing / Urban and University Research ect.


Item Type: LED Plant Grow Light
LED Quantity: 54 LED
Plug Type: US / EU / UK / AU
Size: 340 x 110 mm
Color Temperature: Full Spectrum

Package Includes:
1 x LED Plant Grow Light

1 x Free Power Cord
1 x Free Hang Steel Wire

Grow Tip:
1. How do I determine the right light for my grow area?
Measure the floor space. Multiply the length times the width and this will give you the square footage. You should be able to get decent results with 30-50 actual watts of power per square foot.

2. For larger areas should I go with a single large panel or multiple medium to small lights?
Using multiple lights allows you to better distribute the intense light in more areas of the grow space instead of having all of the higher intensity light concentrated in only one area while the outer edges never receive intense light

Please Note:
1. The light is not water-proof, so do not use it under water environment.
2. Light may be too strong, please wear your sunglasses when looking at it.
3. Some leds seem dim. They are IR. Human eye can not see IR very clearly, but you can wear sunglasses to check.

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