(Hàng Mới Về) Hộp Khử Trùng Không Dây Đa Năng Bằng Tia Uv

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Giới thiệu (Hàng Mới Về) Hộp Khử Trùng Không Dây Đa Năng Bằng Tia Uv

Multifunctional Nano coating machine
Nano coating machine/Sterilize/Charger/aromatherapy

Product Features
1.Multifunctional nano coating machine
2.With big ultraviolet lamp from two sidea,360 ℃ sterilization
3.with USB outlet,sterilization function is available while charge the mobile phone
4.With Aroma function,variety perfumes optional
5.With voice Function,easy to operate nano machine
6.With Big Capacity,suitable for most 6inch mobile phone pad,watch and jewelry
7.With Smart dimension and 5V low voltage.Portable and safe

How to USE
Put the mobile phone into multifunctional machine,press coating button.It will start coating and sterilize,5 minutes later,coating and sterilizing will be finished.If aromatherapy status,press aromatherapy then it will start aromatherapy automatically

Safety Instructions:
-Keep the unit far from flame,water and corroshe cherricals
-Do noclean the unitwith orginic solvent
-Do not start at the nani coating machine for a long time

Product dimensions :221*126*50mm
Product Cavity Size:182*103*25mm
Maximum capacity :6.5 inch mobile phone
Input voltage:DC5V
input Current:2A
Aromatherapy Power:1W
Maximum power:9W
UV wavelength:260-280nm
Disinfection indicator:Blueminutes,Green=10 minutes,Red=15minutes
Liên kết: Dầu tẩy trang dịu nhẹ Real Blend Calming Cleansing Oil The Face Shop (225ml)